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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spiderman and his Amazing Friends Birthday Party

I love that Netflix allows our kids to enjoy the same cartoons we loved growing up. However, when their favorite show doesn't exist anymore, it does create some birthday planning problem. My 3-year-old’s favorite superhero is Fire Star. She was one of the Spider Friends on the cartoon Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. After multiple internet searches, I discovered that Fire Star now only exists in obscene fan art and a couple hundred dollar ebay collectibles  But I was determined to have a party based on Spiderman, Iceman, and Fire Star (aka Spider Friends). The actual party did not go exactly as I had planned, but the plan was great.
Poster-sized Spider Friends

I’m not an artist so I couldn't free hand it, but I found out how to print a large picture across multiple pages.
Find Coloring pages online; Open picture in Paint; Go to Page Setup; Set the “Fit to __ by __ pages” to however big you want your picture and print it
Then I taped the pages together and traced them with black marker before I colored them.
The trickiest part was finding coloring pages of Ice Man and Fire Star. I ended up finding a picture of Fire Star from the show and made my own coloring page of her, as well as Ice Man, but he was a lot easier. It’s not the best, but at least it’s not Sexy Fire Star, which is probably your only other option. 
I also printed smaller versions, make birthday posters, used blue and red balloons and streamers, and used the generic birthday decorations I already had.

The idea was to have a station with a game for each of the Spider Friends. I thought it would have been really cool to have a costumed character running each station, but that was a little too much for me.
Spiderman Station:
Silly String web shooting…have targets and practice shooting webs at them.
Ice Man Station:
Freeze Dance…when the music is playing you dance and when it stops you freeze
Ice Melting Game…you freeze a little toy or treasure inside an ice cube and the kids have to melt it to get it out.
Fire Star Station:
Hot Potato Suprise…instructions are here
Other Activities

I also painted faces as the kids arrived. I gave them a choice of superhero for their cheeks and they could choose a color for a mask. 

I would have liked to do red cupcakes with a spiderweb pattern in black BUT my 3-year-old wanted a chocolate cake. They have Marvel character figurines at Dollar Tree so we got Spiderman and The Hulk and just stuck them on top for an easy cake decoration.


I threw a 3-year-old party for 8 boys who were also 3. Parents did not stay. For most of the guests, it was their first friend party. IT...WAS...CHAOS. They didn't understand the games; I'm sure they didn't understand that there was even a theme. But the birthday boy had a great time and the now has Spider Friend's decorations for his room.


  1. Cute party! That is good to know about printing over multiple pages- I will use that. Also, I think Fire Star is still a little sexy...

  2. So none of the parents came?? To a three year old party? Yikes!

  3. But I really liked all of your game ideas and how they went with the theme. Too bad the little guys didn't appreciate it!

  4. So funny stumbling on this post. My 3 year old's favourite super hero is also Firestar - from having Spider Man and friends on Netflix!! I was looking for Firestar colouring ages. Well done! Party looked great!

  5. same problem thanks to netflix lol my 4 year old to be has an aunt who sewed a firestar costume she wears on a daily basis. She's wearing it for her bday party. Also, I ordered a peel n stick edible pic of the amazing friends crew online for $19 as a cake topper n we're putting it on top of a cheap gfs sheet cake. we're trying to do a party on a budget. The pinata is a cheap store bought no theme pinata that I taped a print out using your print out idea. The balloons table clothes etc. are red, orange, n yellow from the dollar store.

  6. I am also in the position of throwing my 4-year-old a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends birthday party. Her favorite character is Firestar too and I am finding it a challenge not to make it so Spidey-centric. I think I'll turn your ice melting game into Iceman's treasure chest or something like that, but am at a loss as too what Firestar's game will be (I thought about Hot Potato, but want something the kids can do on their own). This was a great help. Thanks for posting!