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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night Biff Stories

"It's Friday! It's Friday! We get a Biff story tonight!"

You know you're on to something when the kids start off the day looking forward to their bedtime story. Biff stories are my husband's creation. Even though the stories are named after Biff, he's the bad guy. As the villian of the Friday night stories, he's always up to no good. Kri, Ky and Tyle (variations on 3 of our kids names) try to be nice to Biff, and sometimes he almost comes around, but like a true villian, he never quite changes his ways.

Because this is a Dad thing, Biff stories have lots of bathroom humor --burping, loudly (and publicly) passing gas, that kind of stuff. And even though I sometimes smile and shake my head, I can't complain too much when I hear the kids laughing and see how much they look forward to those stories from their dad.

Part of the magic of Biff stories is that they include versions of themselves. Kri, Ky and Tyle are the heroes, and since parts of real-life creep into the stories, they can really see themselves in those roles. Kri will forgive Biff for ruining her birthday party, Ky makes a new invention to try to help Biff out, and Tyle is always trying to be friends with Biff.

But probably the real magic of the Biff story is that every Friday night, their Dad creates something special and shares it with them. They get to explore the world, work out problems, learn and grow-- and share it all with their dad.

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  1. That is a wonderful tradition! Your husband is so good at entertaining kids! I've seen him before in primary all alone doing sharing time and singing time with the kids and they are so much more interested than usual! Your kids are lucky to have you both.